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Bringing the Taste of the Mediterranean To Your Home 


Gone are the days when you had to walk entire blocks just to get to your favorite gyro stand.

Classic Gyros brings the taste of the Mediterranean to your home – quite literally.

Offering home catering services, all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial to get your favorite Mediterranean food to be the star of your next party. 



Mediterranean Cuisine: The Perfect Fit For Every Occasion 


Have a birthday coming up and would love to get wraps on the menu? Or maybe you're throwing a grad party, and the graduate adores all things pita. 

From small parties to weddings, and more, we’ve got you covered. 

Our holistic menu has everything, – wraps, pita, couscous, lamb, kebabs – you name it.  

Build your menu with us, and leave it to us to make you and the guests feel love at first bite! 



We’re Not Just Another Catering Service


With years of experience in the food industry, trust us when we say we eat, breathe, and sleep Mediterranean. Offering authentic food right here in California, we will make your guests feel like they are eating along the shores of the Mediterranean. 

Here’s what makes us special:

Authentic Taste 


We deliver the real, delectable taste of Mediterranean food, every single time.



Food safety and hygiene remain our number one priority, and we go the extra-mile to ensure it.

Customer Service 


Our staff is experienced, courteous, and a true foodie – always eager to serve with a smile. 



Discuss your catering needs!


Ready for some Mediterranean fun at your next party?

Food That Tastes and Looks Yum! 


Classic Gyros thrives on ATD – attention to detail. 

Giving you delicious food is only half of our specialty. Making sure it looks appetizing – is the other 50%. 

With aesthetic presentation skills, we serve in crisp, clean plates, and beautifully organized portions, so your guests get a wholesome, fulfilling experience. 

In short, from ambiance to the intricacies of the menu, we’ve got you covered. 



Make Your Event Truly Memorable With Classic Gyros Mediterranean Grill


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