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Redefining The Mediterranean Cuisine Experience!


Feel the breeze flowing through your hair, the smell of the sea filling you up, and the taste of your favorite Mediterranean cuisine gracing your tastebuds…

All while you sit right here, in Ridgecrest, California. 

Try Classic Gyros Mediterranean Grill. 


What’s Healthy, Fun, and Delish – all at once?


Classic Gyros!

Serving traditional Mediterranean food with a creative, modern spin, we combine the three words considered often considered isolated – Healthy, Fun, and Absolutely Delicious!

From the Hummus to the Falafel, everything about us screams Greece!


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Pick your style, protein, toppings, sauces, and sides! The world, or rather our grill, is your oyster!

Local, Fresh Ingredients 

Fresh doesn’t cut it for us. Our veggies, sauces, and everything else is fresh-est, giving you the best of everything!

Personalized Service

Food tastes even better when paired with exceptional. From home catering to on dine-ins, we have you covered!

From The Mediterranean Sea To Ridgecrest, California


Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of California like never before.

Come dine with us, grab a takeaway, order home, or set a date for catering – the choice is yours.

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